Drama Society

The Institute has a thriving drama society, active since 2005, under the supervision of Ms Joanna Osipowa. In 2007 its members were engaged in an international project consisting in staging a bilingual (Polish-German) theatrical performance. The experiment was a very enriching experience for its participants, as the whole play was created from scratch in only one week and staged in Bochum and in Cracow. The Polish group was headed by Joanna Osipowa (director) and Agnieszka Edigarian (project coordinator). The student participants were, among others: Aleksandra Michta, Mateusz Bereziński, Mateusz Tałajczyk, Katarzyna Wielińska, Ilona Góra, Anna Potoniec, Maria Osipowa, Szymon Budzowski, Emilia Hańczyk, Michał Kowalczyk, and Natalia Maruszak.

So far, the society has staged the following plays: "NOC" by A. Stasiuk, "DISCO" by Karin Freymeyer, "THE SUICIDE" by N. Erdman, "ATTEMPTS ON HER LIFE" by M. Crimp, and "KOPALNIA" and "PIASKOWNICA" by M. Walczak.

The Drama Society is working on a new project to be carried out in November 2013.