Eastern Meetings – about the project

The Eastern Meetings have been held at the JU Institute of Eastern Slavonic Studies since 2001. They are interdisciplinary in their character and focus on the culture, language, history and politics of Eastern Slavonic Countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus) and other Central and Eastern European states (such as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania, etc.).

During the meetings, the invited writers, scholars, and experts on Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other Eastern European countries deliver lectures and presentations about the culture and languages of the region, often referring to the historical and political context and provoking interesting discussions.

The meetings have been held thanks to the initiative by Prof. Grzegorz Przebinda, who used to be supported by Mr Janusz Świerzy and the students, especially of the culture of Russia and the neighbouring nations and is now collaborating with Dr Aleksander Wawrzyńczak and Ms Dorota Marszałek.

More than eighty meetings that have been held so far have been attended by about one hundred guests from all over Europe, and have attracted a wide audience.